Sweden: Our partner - ESS

European Spallation Source

The European Spallation Source ESS AB is a public company and research institution, financed
today by the host nations Sweden and Denmark, with 17 Partner Countries involved in planning, designing, building, owning and operating the ESS neutron science facility in Lund. In full operation, the ESS will be the most powerful neutron source in the world, significantly exceeding the performance of the spallation sources in the USA and Japan.

Since the research continuously hikes up the mountains, so should the tools for scientific experiments. The most powerful neutron source under construction in Lund, Sweden will help to understand basic atomic structure at length and time unlike all neutron sources. It aims to create scientific breakthroughs in material research, energy, health and environment with the help of 2000-3000 researchers from around the world will be experimenting every year as per target. It is a pan-European project with 13 European nation’s members.

The project aims at finishing by 2023 and fully functional by 2025. At the same time ESS plans to have the least environmental impact through design improvements, expects to be CO2 neutral and through transporting radioactive materials. ESS has a budget of 15 instruments to be built.

ESS are contributing to the SINE2020 work packages in the following ways:

  • WP leader of chemical deuteration
  • Crystal Growth
  • WP Leader of Data Treatment
  • Contributing to Sample environment

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European Spallation Source