NOW opening: FREE analysis of your material or device

at European neutron research facilities: apply here until April 2019!

You cannot solve your analytical problem with standard lab techniques?

  • Learn what neutrons are capable of!

You don’t know what neutrons are capable of?

  • Time to change this!

Probing matter with neutrons is non-destructive!
The SINE2020 project offers the opportunity to use Europe’s leading neutron facilities for your company’s R&D. This offer is relevant for all companies within these industry sectors:

  • Chemicals (e.g. surfactants, catalysts, polymers, foams, fibers, textiles,)
  • Pharmacology, Life Sciences (e.g. vectorisation, drug molecule binding sites, thin films, membranes)
  • Materials & components (e.g. metallurgy, magnetic materials, nanomaterials, construction materials, composites, semiconductors)
  • Environment and Energy (e.g. fuel cells, batteries, solar cells, hydrogen storage, biomass processing, composition of soils, oil and gas)
SINE2020 Industry Consultancy: what we offer SINE2020 Industry Consultancy: what we offer

A feasibility study includes the following:

  • Consultancy via SINE2020 Liaison Officers with local experts.
  • Support in the preparation and performance of experiments at the research facility.
  • Assistance with data analysis and result interpretation.

Send us your request until April 2019.

You will get an answer about approval within 2 weeks.

Incoming requests will be evaluated continuously and the decision about feasibility of the measurements and the appropriate facility will be announced within two weeks after the request is received. Do not hesitate to for any question.