e-neutrons.org for Teachers and Supervisors.


The interactive learning website www.e-neutrons.org is an invaluable tool to support participants of Neutron Schools and courses. As this website is available online from anywhere and at anytime, students can use it to prepare for and consolidate their learning.

Teachers and supervisors of neutron courses can create and adapt learning material to suit their own courses and provide students with learning opportunities before the course starts, during the course (helping save the time of Teaching Assistants) and after the course, to get the most out of the course and prepare them for being a neutron user.

The website offers online lectures, feedback quizzes, a wiki textbook with hints and solutions, simulated experiments and much much more. Watch our e-neutrons for teachers and supervisors video for more details.

e-neutrons video

e-neutrons for Teachers and Supervisors (3.33min)

We would also love teachers and supervisors of Neutron Schools and courses to introduce the benefits of using e-neutrons.org to their course participants. Two Introducing e-neutrons.org videos are available to watch/show here: 1 min teaser and 2 min version.