17. June 2019 - 19. June 2019 1st Bilbao Neutron School

Bilbao, Spain


Neutrons are a unique probe to study structure and dynamics of matter. Large neutron scattering facilities are based on nuclear reactors or spallation neutron sources. However recent advances in accelerator technology and neutronics design have made possible the construction of high brilliance neutron sources based on low energy proton accelerator, that will be able to play a significant role in future neutron science and technology.

This new type of infrastructures will enable much broader and easier access to high-brilliance neutrons independent of the existing neutron sources and improve the problem of continuous overbooking at the current sources. Large universities or research centres will be able to host their own neutron institutes presenting new opportunities to perform neutron science, prepare experiments for large facilities, train students and develop instrumentation. The focus of this specialized school is in science and instrumentation adapted to CANS.



Contact Name

Sira Cordon