Switzerland: PSI hosted the first extended RTD meeting for Detectors

PSI were the hosts for the first extended Research, Technology and Development meeting for SINE2020’s Detectors work package on 13th June 2017.

Component and detector manufacturers were invited to join the work package researchers and in total representatives from six industrial companies attended. The morning was devoted to industrial attendees who presented company overviews and the reasons for their interest in neutron and muon detectors.

These were followed by a presentation from the Technology and Innovation park innovaare based at PSI to describe the platform being created in Switzerland for R&D collaborations between industry and academia aimed at accelerating innovation.

During the afternoon the detector developments featuring in the Detectors work package were described.

The meeting was extremely interesting and facilitated a useful exchange between industry and researchers. However, one realization is that the level of technology readiness for detectors involved in the work package is very low. This level has to be significantly higher before companies can consider using their own developmental money to support the projects further. Companies have the potential to help with specific problems but financial support would be needed to do this.

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