The Road to the ESS

by Lucy Moorcraft, SINE2020 Information Manager

The last year of our four-year SINE2020 project is underway. We want to celebrate the work and achievements of the 12 participating countries by taking a road trip across Europe. Over the next 12 months we will look at how our consortium has paved the way to efficient, user-friendly neutron sources such as ILL (France), FRM II (Germany), SINQ (Switzerland), ISIS (UK), BNC (Hungary), NPI (Czech Rep) and of course the European Spallation Source (ESS) currently being constructed in Lund, Sweden; bringing industry, collaboration and innovation onboard en route.

The Road to the ESS

We will explore the contribution of each country – Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom – not only to the SINE2020 project but to European neutron facilities and the world of neutrons too.

Every week we will post an item of interest, perhaps a recent research development or news story, related to our featured country, as we travel the road to the ESS.

We've been to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany and now Switzerland.

Swiss flag


SINE2020 Partner: PSI

Hosted Data Treatment's Workshop I in April 2016

Hosted Sample Environment's Kick-off meeting on High Pressure Cells in January 2016

ContributionSample Environment Improving a piston-cylinder pressure cell for μSR experiments, Thermally decoupling a goniometer

ContributionDetectors Making 2D position sensitive scintillation detectors for neutron measurements

Germany flag


SINE2020 Partners: HZB, HZG, MLZ/TUM, FZJ,

Industrial Case Study: Haldor Topsøe

ContributionSample Environment High-pressure cell for in situ neutron scattering investigations of hydrogen storage materials
ContributionSchools Hosted Matrac 2 Neutron School one of the many neutron schools supported by SINE2020.
ContributionChemical Deuteration Deuterated polymers
ContributionData Treatment BornAgain
ContributionCrystal Growth Phase Diagram crystal growth and the development of a Crystallization Chamber

German women in science: Regine von Klitzing and Margarita Russina

Czech republic flag

Czech Republic

SINE2020 Partner: NPI

Scientist Spotlight: George Placzek

Hosted the Sample Environment meeting in November 2018.

Flag of Hungary


SINE2020 Partner: MTA EK

Scientist Spotlight: Leo Szilard

Industrial Case Studies Neutrons for building a car and Novozymes.

ContrubutionSchools co-ordinating the Introductory Neutron Schools
ContributionIndustry including performing feasibility study measurements and helping at Industry events like the Automotive Expo

French flag French flag


SINE2020 Partners: ILL, CEA/LLB/CNRS

Scientist Spotlight: Irène Joliot-Curie

Hosted Data Treatment's Workshop II at ILL in Grenoble, 24-25 April 2017.
Hosted SYNERGI 2019 in Lyon on 1st April 2019.

Industrial Case Study: EDF

ContributionE-learning and Schools Advanced Neutron Schools
ContributionData Treatment Mantid at ILL
ContributionDetectors Micromegas Detectors, Microstrip Gas Chambers
ContributionChemical Deuteration Deuteration of Biomolecules
ContributionCrystal Growth Methods for large protein crystal growth for neutron protein crystallography, Using high magnetic fields

French Women in Science: Virginie Simonet and Marie Plazanet

Spain flag Spain flag


SINE2020 Partners: ESS-Bilbao, ICMA

Scientist Spotlight: Blas Cabrera Felipe

Hosted our final General Assembly 2019 in Bilbao
Hosted SINE2020's Neutrons for the Biotech Industry event in Zaragoza.

Feasibility test with Spanish company Tryo Aerospace. Read all about the aims of SINE2020 and Industry.

ContributionSample Environment: MC Simulations at ICMA to improve simulation of the signal-to-background ratio.
ContributionInstrumentation: E-tools: Simulating Laminate Shielding Concepts

Spanish Women in Science: Arantxa Arbe

Portugal flag Portugal flag


SINE2020 Partner: LIP Coimbra

Scientist Spotlight: Egas Moniz

Hosted our first General Assembly in Coimbra
Hosted the Neutrons: Cradle to Grave workshop for E-tools, the work package looking at neutron experiment simulations.

ContributionDetectors: Resistive Plate Chambers, RPCs – How they work, RPCs: Results so far

Portuguese Women in Science: Maria Paula Marques and Susana Teixeira