Czech Rep: Our partner - NPI


The Nuclear Physics Institute (NPI) was founded in 1955 in Rez, just north of Prague in the Czech Republic. It is a member institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences (CAS) and conducts scientific research in theoretical and experimental physics.

Next door, Nuclear Research Institute (NRI)’s LVR-15 nuclear reactor provides a source of neutrons for experiments while the Neutron Physics Laboratory (NPL) provides the access to these facilities. Scientists at NPI and NPL are contributing to SINE2020 in the following ways:

  • Industry Consultancy and Sample Environment
    The LVR-15 reactor will provide a facility for Industry outreach and measurements of free feasibility studies for industrial companies. NPI will also be involved with the Sample Environment Communication Standard Protocol (SECoSP) and helping to ensure relevence to future industry-based users.
  • Instrumentation: E-tools
    NPI’s experience with RESTRAX/SIMRES and McStas simulations will be valuable to the E-tools work package.

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