PSI HP meeting Frettage equipment used at PSI 8th WP Meeting at CSEC FEA calculations of double-wall cells applied to both neutron scattering and muon spin resonance 9th WP Meeting at ILL, Grenoble (France)
  • 11th WP Meeting to be held in Prague, 22nd-23rd November 2018.
  • 10th WP Meeting to be held at Parma before the SINE2020 GA.
  • 9th WP Meeting: ILL, Grenoble, February 13, 2018
    WP review meeting of all tasks. SECoP is now on GitHub, the low-T goniometer is being developed with attocube, statistics reveal a 22% increase in efficiency at ISIS with faster furnaces and experiments performed with hydrogen under pressure at FRM II or with in-situ NMR at the LLB were very successful.
  • 8th WP Meeting: CSEC, Edinburgh (UK), January 18, 2018
    2nd meeting dedicated to high-pressure development (task 3) for choosing the most appropriate materials and defining the specs of the future double-wall neutron scattering pressure cell. We also choose a technique for providing in-situ pressure measurement, a long-awaited feature.
  • 7th WP Meeting: PSI, April 26, 2017.
    Meeting dedicated to high-pressure developments (task 7.3) for both neutron scattering and muon spin resonance: how to simulate and produce double-wall pressure cells?
  • 6th WP Meeting: Lund, Sweden, January 25-26, 2017. Agenda
    Mid-term review of all tasks with more than 40 people.
  • 5th WP Meeting: LIP, September 7, 2016
    WP at the SINE2020 General Assembly. Agenda (PDF)
  • 4th WP Meeting: ISIS, May 23-24, 2016.
    Program focused on tasks 7.3 and 7.4. Agenda (PDF)
  • 3rd WP Meeting: HZB, April 27-28, 2016. Agenda (PDF)
    Task #1 kick-off meeting prepared in close collaboration with the ISSE: we have started defining SECoP, the Sample Environment Communication Protocol that will become the standard for establishing communications between Experiment Control Software and the Sample Environment Equipment.
  • 2nd WP Meeting (tasks 7.2 and 7.3): PSI, January 21-22, 2016.
    We reviewed the current state of the art in each field and discussed potential solutions together with 2 experts in high-pressure. Agenda (PDF).
  • 1st WP Meeting: Copenhagen, October 16, 2015