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Non-destructive stress mapping to address challenges in additive manufacturing

Residual Stress was measured in stainless steel samples using neutron diffraction.

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Using neutrons to study cemented carbides for cutting inserts

Cemented carbides were studied with neutron radiography determine the density variation.

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Reducing CO2 in Al production

Neutron diffraction was used to investigate phase transitions at high temperature which may help optimise a new eco-friendly Al-production process.

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Examining a ceramic-to-metal brazing of specific cutting tools

Stress profile measurements were used to determine the stresses generated during a ceramic-to-metal brazing method.

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BNC Car Case Study

Neutrons for building a car

Diverse neutron techniques provide endless opportunities for understanding all parts of a car.

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Try neutrons and obtain new information: Metallurgy and Metal-working

Use SANS, Imaging, Diffraction and non-destructive Stress Mapping to investigate your metals and metallic substances and devices.

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Understanding the structure of aged Ni-Cr based alloys

Identifying structures using neutron diffraction.

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Checking the integrity of encapsulated electronics in surgical tools

Evaluating the integrity of materials using neutron imaging.

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Composition of stainless steel bolts assessed by neutrons

Neutrons Activation Analysis used to determine the concentrations of different metals in stainless steel.

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Insight into electrolysis cells

Using neutron imaging to characterise solid oxide electrolysis cell material.

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High-Strength Aluminium Alloys: investigating stresses for improved casting

Neutron diffraction to measure residual stress.

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Investigating interfaces to improve the manufacture of integrated circuits

Neutron reflection to examine layers that may separate (delamination).

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Investigation of residual stresses in new materials for the development of aircraft turbines

Neutron diffraction for determining residual stress distributions in nickel-based superalloys.

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Stress analysis of hydroxyapatite coatings for orthopaedic implants

Using neutron diffraction to determine through-thickness residual strain profile in a coating.

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